Civil Design Engineer

The Engineering Institute of Canada
The Engineering Institute of Canada

Offre publiée le 2022-11-11

Position Description :

To carry out civil engineering design by preparing drawings in accordance with the DRA CAD Standard and, where necessary, provide information to staff in order to produce finished drawings / plans.

Main Functions : Civil Design

Civil Design

Perform engineering calculations, analysis and design.

Produce engineering reports and plans.

Preparation of tender documents and the assessment of tenders.

Supervising and administering contracts, including the supervision of sub-contractors engaged by DRA for the purposes of Health and Safety.

Project Management

Liaise and co-ordinate with the client, project manager and engineers of other disciplines to ensure adherence to project and client requirements and specifications.

Carry out site investigations, field tests and report findings to the Engineering Manager.

Manage the schedule (time), cost, quality and scope on all design contracts on the project.

Effectively utilize company resources.

Accurately mark-up designs for drafting personnel.

Ensure Quality standards adhered to by checking accuracy of work before it gets issued.

Act within the framework of design contracts under his / her management.

Manage high level of risks within project in regard to engineering processes, systems, equipment and infrastructure design.

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